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DIY Map Printed Book Covers

Perfectly styled shelves provide endless opportunities for creating an inviting space, and it usually starts with a few good books. If you truly have a passion for reading, chances are your collection is ever growing. Streamline your bookshelf with these DIY book covers that can be customized to fit your expanding collection. They’ll not only bring everything together, they can also create an interesting personal element to your whole room.

In this DIY, we used large maps from a 1940s atlas as book covers for those uninteresting trade paperbacks on the shelf. Grab some paper of your choice, and think back to those school days of covering boring textbooks with paper bags:

You will need:

Vintage maps or other large paper—thrift stores often have old road maps or posters

(Optional) tape


1. Place your book in the center of the paper and fold the tops over until they are the same height as the open book. You’ll want paper that folds over long enough to create a small flap on both the top and bottom.

2. Create a crease in the sides of the paper by folding it over to make a book flap.

3. Starting with the front, tuck the cover of the book into your side flap. Leave a little extra space between the edge of the book and the paper to give it a bit more flexibility when closed. Then, press down to create a crease, and if you’d like, add a bit of tape so it will stay in place.

4. Repeat with the other side, and any other books you want to cover. Now you have a few more statement pieces for your shelf, plus a little extra protection for your favorite reads.

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